Eclipse 2020-09 OH3 - Can't import projects

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Windows
    • Java Runtime Environment: eclipse-inst-win64.exe
    • openHAB version: 3.0

I’m trying to switch over from the 2.5 branch to the 3.0 branch. However, all of the projects are gone. Running import existing projects don’t show the projects are before.

Also downloaded fresh eclipse installer, selecting the 3.0 as stream. Tried both ‘Openhab development and Openhab add-ons’

note, I did as the doc suggested add the binding to the pom and saved the app.bnd file.
Unfortunately, neither the binding starts (fixed by selecting 'auto resolve on save), nor the binding shows up in the project list.

Any suggestions how to import the project and how to get it going

Import as maven project. All .classpath/.project files have been removed from the repository as they are specific for eclipse only, while other ide’s are also supported and import as maven project works fine. So import as eclipse project won’t work.

Thanks, that did the trick

One more question,
How to run junit tests in Eclipse. in 2.5 I could simply rightclick and debug/runas junit test.
In the new setup that does not seem to work anymore.

Do I need to install something extra / manually to get it going again?

Thanks for posting as that was my main issue.

IMPORT>GENERAL = WRONG and wont work.

Kai merged my commit in the documentation, so the Documentation section should also be updated with this new import method…