Eclipse 2020-09

Has anyone tried using Eclipse 2020-09 for OH3 development yet? I recall hearing that there were some problems with 2020-06, although maybe just for 2.5.x development.

I have just installed the OH3 development environment in Eclipse 2019-09 (together wither openJ9 JDK 11). Works like a charm :-).

Thanks, but did you mean 2019-09 or 2020-09?

I mean 2020-09 :-). Was a bit late in the evening

Thanks! I’ll probably give it a try tonight.

I installed the Zulu 11.0.8 JDK and Eclipse 2020-09 on my Windows 10 dev system, and so far it seems to be working fine for building 3.0 addons. Now I just have to figure out how best to move over some development branches I was working on…