Eclipse Designer showing many false errors

I have been trying to use eclipse designer v 0.8 under Windows 10 and I am receiving tons of false errors which have the following causes:

  1. “say”, “pushNotification” are flagged as error.
  2. all statements using “as DecimalType” are also marked as error.

These tons of false errors makes the tool practically useless.
Which is sad because wrong DSL syntax is not indicated on the karaf console when starting the parsing of the rule file.

Last not least on my high resolution screen the symbols are basically not readable (Windows 10).

I would be great if somehow could fix this!
Shall I open an issue or is there something I am missing.

I feel your pain, but it appears that 0.9 remains broken:

I believe having read somewhere on this forum that there are bigger fish to fry and that it will remain broken (with regard to syntax highlighting) for a while.

You may want to download the 0.8 version here:
it does recognize all commands and provides auto-complete and syntax help with ctrl-space, etc
All the things that make my life as an amateur so much easier.

Hi Markus,
Thanks for the link. this version somehow improves the situation.
Stlll some commands like say, pushNotification, sendEmail are not supported.
Still not resolved is the “as DecimalType” bug.

a statement like

If ((number.state as DecimalType) == 1) …

is also flagged as an error.
The workaround is

if (0+number.state as DecimalType) ==1) ,

is working.
But honestly I am not happy inserting junk code to workaround buggy tools.

I looks like the tool is “almost” ready.
I would be great if a developer could spend a “moment” and fix this little issues.

Right you are, but then again looking at some of the lists of bugs on github that are still to be solved for Eclipse and OH2, I am not holding my breath.

you are right but sometime things are fixed or also newly introduced which are really only nice to have.
The fundamental flaws of OH is the infamous, bad DSL und the buggy tooling.
This should be a top priority to fix.

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