Eclipse IDE debug not updating sitemap

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Quick question on the eclipse IDE debugging mode. When toggling a simple switch in the sitemap, it stays in its previous state until the command propagates out to the bridge and comes back updated in the next poll cycle. My Openhabian platform running the same code exhibits the expected behavior where the switch turns on immediately. The logs from the IDE are shown below. It is predicting the state properly, but not updating the sitemap until the bridge updates the item. Is there a setting I’m missing somewhere, or is a nuance of the IDE? Thanks!

07:04:26.493 [ndlerExecutor-1] INFO smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent:53 - Item ‘PoolRelay1’ received command ON
07:04:26.496 [ndlerExecutor-1] INFO s.event.ItemStatePredictedEvent:53 - PoolRelay1 predicted to become ON
07:04:38.356 [ndlerExecutor-1] INFO smarthome.event.ItemStateEvent:53 - PoolRelay1 updated to ON

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