Eclipse IDE - Missing Dependency - Outdated smack library

I am thinking about updating the underlying smack library of the XMPP plugin to the latest release (4.2.3). Currently, 4.0.6 is being used.

@Kai What doy ou think as the original author?

p.s.: I hope, I will not stumble across any breaking changes in the API :slight_smile:

Feel free to upgrade, if it fixes any known issues and does not break any of the existing functionality. It is a long time ago that I had a look into the XMPP bundle…

I am sorry, that I have to bother you with this topic again. I decided, a first good step would be to build the XMPP addon myself. I downloaded the IDE and ran maven following this guide:

However, I am stuck with a missing dependency to javax.measurement. I have posted a support request here: Javax.measurement not found

This post was viewed several dozen times, but no visitor obviously was able to help out. Maybe you can point me in the right direction?

My understanding is, that this package should be shipped with eclipse smartHome, so my effective maven pom file is likely to bind against the wrong version of eclipse smartHome. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

I have changed your topic category and added the development tag, hopefully someone with experience will pick that up.
Good luck

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Thank you, that seemed to help :slight_smile: