Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu - How to start?

Yesterday I installed “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” (on an Ubuntu 16.04 box) with all the bells and whistles according to the instructions on As far as I could see everything went smoothly, so I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

This morning, however, my smile disappeared rather quickly when I realized that I simply cannot find where the installed application is located, meaning I don’t know how to start the Workbench!! :frowning:

Anyone having installed the Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu that can give my a pointer, please?

Try which eclipse

The result is nothing, i.e. no response. I guess this means “eclipse” cannot be found. Actually, eclipse was the first thing I tried when looking for the IDE, but as confirmed by this command apparently it does not exist.

Any more ideas?

So I had recently installed it too and because of your post I quickly locked it to the launcher so I wouldn’t have to figure this out. I was hoping someone would have a better answer but this is what I see running when I grep the ps. It seems that eclipse is installed wherever you put your directory for openHAB2.

/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8 -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+UseStringDeduplication -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8 -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -Declipse.p2.max.threads=10 -Doomph.update.url= -Doomph.redirection.index.redirection=index:/-> -Duser.dir=/home/user/openhab2-master/eclipse -jar /home/user/openhab2-master/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.201.v20161025-1711.jar -os linux -ws gtk -arch x86_64 -showsplash -launcher /home/user/openhab2-master/eclipse/eclipse -name Eclipse --launcher.library /home/user/.p2/pool/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.gtk.linux.x86_64_1.1.401.v20161122-1740/ -startup /home/user/openhab2-master/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.201.v20161025-1711.jar --launcher.appendVmargs -exitdata 810016 -product -data /home/user/openhab2-master/ws -vm /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java -vmargs -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8 -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+UseStringDeduplication -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8 -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -Declipse.p2.max.threads=10 -Doomph.update.url= -Doomph.redirection.index.redirection=index:/-> -Duser.dir=/home/user/openhab2-master/eclipse -jar /home/user/openhab2-master/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.201.v20161025-1711.jar

Hopefully this helps.

Yes, I also found this to be true. After being frustrated about the missing Eclipse for while I resorted to install it once more, and then I suddenly notices that somewhere along the way I was asked for an “installation directory”. When looking into this directory, I did indeed find the missing Eclipse.

I find the location of the Eclipse installation a bit funny, but maybe there is a good reason for doing it this way?