Eclipse IDE setup issue

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I am trying to setup the development environment using instructions from
But there are many build problem .Please tell me if I am doing some thing wrong in setup.

You might have to run Help->“Perform Setup Tasks”, see

I will try to figure out why this is not executed automatically anymore…

Hi kai

After running this command Help->“Perform Setup Tasks”, still having same problem.


You may want to check this folder"\openhab2-master (or whatever you chose during eclispe instalaltion)\ws.metadata.plugin\org.eclipse.pde.core.bundle_pool\plugins", you should be able to see all the dependency files that are missing after setup. If you don’t, rerun the command Help->“Perform Setup Tasks”, which should re-download all the dependencies. Good luck.

Note: there was one time i had to rerun it a few times :frowning:

Hi all,

I ran the installer with the options seen below which produced some errors and some more warnings. Would I be able to continue with Eclipse or do these need to be resolved? (I selected all available options for OpenHAB, i.e.the addons, extensions etc)

I have similar problems? Anyone got a solution?