Eclipse IDE Setup Not success for Openhab

I am a beginner of Openhab development. I followed the instruction in the Openhab website, to setup the development environment, but Not success.

After I Click the Finish Button.

It shows there is an error, and when i open the workspace, there is no Ophenhab project.

I do not konw where is the problem, hope someone could give me the guide for it, thantks very much!

@jianqiaotju if you want to use openHAB and set up a homeautomation then i wold suggest to use VSCcode editor with openhab extension.

But if you really want to develop in means of writting bindings and such, only then you will need Eclipse. IMHO.

Did you have a look at the smarthome documentation or the openhab doc ?

Thanks for your reply. It seems it it due to the JDK installation, I re-install a newer version JDK, after that, the warning window does not appear.
But the result workspace like this:

Is it due to I only Select the"Openhab Develpment"?

I don’t get your question?

And I don’t know what you try to do.
Please explain what you want to implement, develop!

Sorry that I did not say clear.
I want to setup the IDE for Developing OpenHAB bidings, but finally, the workspace seems lose something, i could not see the bindings of Openhab.
I tried again, and checked the “openHAB Development” and “ESH + OH2 Core Bundles”, and then I can see many bundles in the workspace, and after run it, I can see the openHAB welcome page.

but there is still a few bindings have errors, I do not know why it happens, but it seems it does not influence openHAB work.


And It seems firstly I could not run openHAB is due to that there is another Web Server running, and confict with Jertty server bundle, I stop this Web Server, then openHAB can works.

And if you want to develop a binding you must for sure also checkout ( select ) the openhab 2 add-ons folder.

Did you read the documentation?

First take a look at the problems tab and check for existing errors. If you see something there after a clean install, do Help > Perform Setup Tasks. If errors remain, try to find them in the project. In my case a couple of bindings were failing to compile for unknown reasons. Simply right click on the offenders and “close project” them

Okay, thanks for your help.

Maybe this is of interrest for you, too.

Thanks, It is really relevant to my problem. Previously, I really Intalled many JDK/JRE versions, include Win32 and Win64 versions, and could not set up the development environment.
I removed all the JDK/JRE versions, and do some clean work, then I succeed, thanks:slight_smile: