Eclipse installer 2019-03

Hello ,

where can i find the installer for the eclipse 2019-03, at the moment it is 2019-06.
I try this with the packages for 2019-03 but then I see no more info in the project list.
Can someone help me with this because at the moment I can no longer create and run new bindings.
I have created earlier bindings in the eclipse oxygen, can I still use it?
can I edit the current bindings with the eclipse oxygen?

Different eclipse versions can be installed with the eclipse-installer. See the documentation on how to install and setup eclipse with the current situation:

You should still be able to edit bindings. But the build system has changed. So if you use the latest sources of openhab2-addons it’s probably easier to start with a new eclipse installation.

thanks for the reply,
i’m trying to start with e new setup, but if i use the link to the eclipse ide, the download is the version 2019-06 for the installer, but in the description is written that this vesion is not working for the OpenHab2 bindings


Within the installer, you can choose which version to download.

OMG, it was so easy, thanks to help me, i try to install the stuff.
Is it possible to import older bindings into this ?

All installed as wel, create a new binding ‘CoolStuff’ , following the guidelines, use the cmd-line for the mvn cmd, the project is in the binding list in eclipse, but not in the list for the app.bndrun file.
what can be here the problem…
and how do i make the jar-file for OpenHab2

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You can make the jar file with maven from the root with arguments mvn clean install -pl :org.openhab.binding.<name> -am.

There is still some work-in-progress with the app.bndrun. But I got it working by adding the binding dependency to the launch project pom. (Note: I think your project should have valid pom and feature.xml. These files are generated if you create a project from scratch with the scripts in the bundle directory).

Creating the jar file gives mee errors, so i started back with a completely new installation, but now I can’t even create new binding projects anymore. presumably there are old files somewhere that should first be removed, but I have no idea where …
thanks for all the help…
Regards Roger

What errors do you have?

I’m going to restart, but on another computer where no installation has been done yet … we’ll see…

Had the same problems with the 2019-03. After several installation efforts with strange behaviors, like installation errors, build errors, a.s.o. I disabled the m2 pooling and mirroring options during the installation, resulting in a well-functioning environment.

Although Eclipse has been my personal favorite, the new App.bndrun approach is very, very slow … the performance is unbelievably bad.

Hey guys,

i’am close to the finish… after removing the m2-p2 directory , re-install eclipse 2019-03 , using maven-3.5.4 and jdk1.8.0_181
i am able to create a new project and create a jar file of this project.

I have a problem to debug the new project, in the debug configuration window, i cannot see the Eclipse application with the OpenHab_Runtime, how can i configure this ?
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