Eclipse IOT marketplace broken in Snapshot 1590?

I just tried a fresh intall with OH2.5 Snapshot 1590. I need some bindings from the Eclipse IOT marketplace so I installed it as Addon. Now I would like to configure the settings for the Eclipse IOT marketplace (I want to set Binding Maturity Level setting to Alpha). In former snapshot versions there was a section available in PaperUI in Configuration–>System. It seems to have disappeared? Whre can I find it now and how can I install “alpha level” bindings from Eclipse IOT marketplace now with 1590?

I did some more research and tried a couple of things, but from my tests I can conclude that the IOT Marketplace was still working in Snapshot 1583 and it does not work anymore since 1589 (I only had 1583 and 1589-1591 available for testing). It is broken at least since 1589 and also in 1590 und 1591.
What does “broken” mean? You can still install the Addon from PaperUI in 1589.-1591 and PaperUI also displays the AddOn as “installed”:

However it does not appear anymore in Karaf Console bundle list and the configuration section in PaperUI is also missing. In 1583, I could find configuration options in PaperUI in Configuration–>System between ‘Json Storage’ and ‘Network’:

In 1589-1591 this section has disappeared:

In 1583 the AddOn showed up in the bundle list in Karaf console:

In 1589-1591 this entry is missing although PaperUI displays that the Addon is installed.

The problem is that also the marketplace bindings are not available for installation. I really need them. Is there any other workaround to get a marketplace binding installed on 1589-1591?

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Problem still exists in 1592 snapshot

Can you make a bug report on the github?

Yes, I should do that. But where exactly on github would I place it? Thanks for any advice.

We should also encourage people on the marketplace to move their code to openhab2-addons or build a second repository openhab2-addons-staging or similar. The marketplace will be shutdown this year.

The Eclipse IoT Market add-on should work again when this fix is merged :slight_smile: :