Eclipse SmartHome Designer crashed

I am using SmartHome Designer running on my win10 machine. The designer is connected through a samba share to openhab2 that is running on my rpi as described in the docs.

Every time I edit holiday.script (taken from here) the designer starts runnning like hell using almost 100% of my cpu and never comes to an end. I have to kill it from the task manager.
There are no errors in openhab.log or event.log.
This never happened before while editing items, rules, sitemaps, things, maps etc.

The windows version is hardly usable and is crashing if the files are getting a bit bigger.
Maybe not a big help for you but the MACOS version is more reliable but it also crashes from time to time but is still in a way usable which is not the case with windows.
I have no experience on a Linux Machine. If you have a big windows machine a VM running Linux would be worthwhile a trial. I would be interested in your experience.

It is something about the holiday.script
I have the same problem on MACOS with the designer

Is that really your experience? I’m using the Windows version since a long time and it never crashed (version 0.8!. Don’t use 0.9!)

I guess that’s the one I use :persevere:. Will try to install 0.8 and report tomorrow.

Will also check this out. I have a fully working Linux machine also

I was wrong, I used 0.8. Tried 0.9 and both versions have the same problem with holiday.script.

EDIT: And it’s the exact same misbehaviour on my Debian Jessie machine with ESD 0.8 and holiday.script