Eclipse update no more compatible with Java 17 ?!

I was proposed an update when I opened Eclipse this morning.
Now, when I open Eclipse, I got this popup and Eclipse is then closing.

Any advice how to quickly resolve the problem ?

I installed a JDK 21 and Eclipse is starting again.
Let see if it is still possible to develop and start OH…

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I saw the warning yesterday before applying the upgrade and decided not to for now. I wouldn’t mind upgrading as long as there is no issue targeting Java 17. I will wait for a few days.

I was able to start OH from Eclipse.

What annoys me is that now if I want to build jar for my RPI, they will now be built with Java 21. Or I have to switch between JDKs.

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you can have multiple JDK’s installed and while you start eclipse with java 21, you can still build and run OH with 17.

Are there any known problems running OH with 21?