Eclipse via Eclipse Installer adding binding fails with org.apache.karaf.kar.core version 4.4.3

I have setup a Eclipse IDE using the Eclipse Installer and switched to the 4.0.x branch afterwards for distro and addons. Basic demo application launches, but as soon as I add a binding like org.openhab.binding.fronius to it, it won’t resolve, with the following message popping up

Development is done at the 4.1 branch, please change and check if this solves your issue.

Thank you for the feedback. I switched back to main branch (there is no 4.1 branch), but the message stays the same!

Sorry, main = 4.1 :wink:
As said, wasn’t sure if this solves your issue.

Perhaps you added this Karaf bundle yourself?
You cannot run anything Karaf specific in the demo app.

These bundles are also not part of app.bndrun.
If I add this binding as usual this Karaf bundle does not get added and it runs just fine:

diff --git a/launch/app/app.bndrun b/launch/app/app.bndrun
index 7c7f74c..1b8e760 100644
--- a/launch/app/app.bndrun
+++ b/launch/app/app.bndrun
@@ -64,7 +64,8 @@ feature.openhab-model-runtime-all: \
-	bnd.identity;id='org.ops4j.pax.web.pax-web-extender-whiteboard'
+	bnd.identity;id='org.ops4j.pax.web.pax-web-extender-whiteboard',\
+	bnd.identity;id='org.openhab.binding.fronius'
 -runfw: org.eclipse.osgi
@@ -283,4 +284,5 @@ feature.openhab-model-runtime-all: \
-	org.openhab.ui.iconset.classic;version='[4.1.0,4.1.1)'
+	org.openhab.ui.iconset.classic;version='[4.1.0,4.1.1)',\
+	org.openhab.binding.fronius;version='[4.1.0,4.1.1)'
diff --git a/launch/app/pom.xml b/launch/app/pom.xml
index 1b9f54f..a342cd1 100644
--- a/launch/app/pom.xml
+++ b/launch/app/pom.xml
@@ -43,14 +43,12 @@
-<!-- uncomment this and add the name of your binding that you want to work on
-      <artifactId>org.openhab.binding.YOURBINDINGNAME</artifactId>
+      <artifactId>org.openhab.binding.fronius</artifactId>
 <!-- uncomment this if you want to work on the Zigbee binding

Now I see what the problem was - I added it to app.bndrun, but forgot about the inclusion in the pom.xml!
After fixing this it works - thank you for your help!!

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There’s now also this PR to prevent Karaf bundles from ever being resolved again:

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