Ecobee API for Home Heating Oil Monitoring

Has anyone here attempted to use the ecobee binding to monitor this?

Yes there are ready to run Z Wave monitors.But looking for a challenge

openHAB 2.12 on ras pi
Run my system with VS Code in configuration files
Very little done with UI
Ecobee binding up and running
Oil burning furnace with known consumption by hr
1 year experience of openHAB
Little cURL background
The will to figure this out

Been researching how for the last few weeks
Haven’t figured out what channel in the binding to use to calculate the runtime of the furnace in the binding
Closest I got was equipment status

When logged into their website under a user account the website provides a historical runtime report of the furnace running heatstage1 in seconds whitch is exactly what is needed.Only as a Csv file.

Their API website also provides documentation on how to run the cURL
Thinking of having a rule run once a day to gather the total amount run for the day and calculate the amount of fuel consumed from a 250 gallon tank
Then in the future to have a reset button when tank is filled
NOT looking for code or how to
Just asking before continuing down a rabbit hole