Ecobee Binding ecobeeSetHold Issues

I installed OpenHAB2 as a new user. I have really enjoyed it thus far. I have it working with z-wave and ecobee. With the fantastic ecobee binding, I am able to read the current temperatures and set the hvac mode.

I am having issues with the following ecobee command. I am trying to hold a Climate profile. Am I doing something stupid?

In my rules, I’m using:

ecobeeSetHold("123412341234", null, null, "home", null, null, null, null)

123412341234 was replaced. I am using my thermostat’s selection ID

The error I am getting is

00:39:32.450 [ERROR] [.script.engine.ScriptExecutionThread] - Rule 'alarmon': An error occured during the script execution: The name 'ecobeeSetHold(<XStringLiteralImpl>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>,<XNullLiteralImplCustom>)' cannot be resolved to an item or type.

I am using binding-ecobee 1.9.0.b4 in OpenHAB2 b4

Thanks in advance.

I think you might not have the Ecobee action JAR installed.


Thank you!

I installed it with the command

feature:install openhab-action-ecobee

It works perfectly now. I am thoroughly impressed. I had only installed the ecobee binding via the Paper UI. I also see that you can install the action JAR in the paper UI. very impressive!

Thanks again!

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