Ecobee: feedback on new quick poll feature

I’ve submitted a change that causes the Ecobee binding to poll shortly after the binding sent a change, so users and rules can see any state changes more quickly. Prior to this change, the binding polled at the fixed ecobee:refresh rate (default 3 minutes), regardless of when changes were sent to Ecobee.

Please download the new binding JAR and try it to make sure it works for you. If you also use the Ecobee action bundle, you will have to fully stop and restart openHAB when replacing the binding JAR.

The new, optional configuration parameters in openhab.cfg are:

# Rate at which to check if poll is to run, in ms (optional, defaults to 5000)
# ecobee:granularity=5000

# Time in ms to wait after successful update, command or action before refresh (optional, defaults to 6000)
# ecobee:quickpoll=6000

ecobee:granularity defines how often the binding checks to see if Ecobee needs to be polled Its default value is 5000 (milliseconds). ecobee:quickpoll defines how long after an update, command or action was performed the binding should wait before polling. Its default value is 6000 (ms). The existing optional parameter ecobee:refresh continues to define the normal polling rate, with a default value of 180000 (ms), or 3 minutes.

Please report here your thoughts and experience with this change. Thank you!