Ecobee Occupancy from the thermostat

I have a Ecobee 4 thermostat with one remote sensor. I have the binding setup in Openhab and everything is working great!

I’ve been playing around with setting up some rules in OpenHab around occupancy for the whole house. The idea is that if no one is home we lock the doors, turn on\off lights, and toggle the thermostat to Away mode.

I setup the network binding and I’ve got things working with that pinging cell phones but this doesn’t work for all the members of the house hold since some are kids and one person has a phone that turns off WiFi when it the phone goes to sleep.

So I want to add Ecobee’s occupancy sensor into the mix to try and get a better picture.

I’ve already got the remote sensors occupancy setup and added into the rules but I want to add in the main thermostats occupancy sensor to the mix. But I don’t see any mention of this particular setting any where in the bindings documentation.

The closest thing I’ve found in the community is this post talking about how to set up occupancy rules that use the remote sensor for a room. It doesn’t mention using the thermostats sensor.

Any suggestions on how to access this feature in OH? Is this even an option?

I had the same issue further down that thread that you linked. It turns out that the ecobee still calls the main thermostat a “remote sensor”, so it’s not obvious, but it works basically the same. See this comment on the thread.

Thanks @Chad_Hadsell I saw that post but assumed it was for a remote sensor. I’ll give it a shot.