Ecobee quick settings

Control your Ecobee and manually set any of your custom climates to hold.
This is actually something you can’t do though Ecobee’s own interface.

A widget I created to compliment @Signal11’s Ecobee thermostat widget

Note: the rule updated to get resume working
Ecobee Quick settings.widget.json Version 2.4

Required Item definitions
Ecobee Quick settings.widget.items

Required rules definitions
Ecobee Quick settings.widget.rules

Default theme with no hold

This is what it would look like as your normal schedule is running and the current climate is “Kids Sleep”

Default theme with 4th item on hold

This is what it would look like if you have set to hold on “Kids Sleep”
default holding

Asks user how long to hold for on click

This depends on our thermostat setting
Screenshot-2018-1-31 HABPanelScreenshot-2018-1-31 HABPanel(1)

Resume schedule when one is held

Screenshot-2018-2-4 HABPanel(1)Screenshot-2018-2-4 HABPanel

some of the other themes

material darkorange treemadras

Change log

Version 2.4

  • filter unused properly
  • Add up to 8 Quick settings items

Version 2.3

  • Fixed bug where name and climate could be out of sync, can no longer provide a group for climates, now hard coded to items defined above

Version 2.2

  • Added missing ecobeeID variable in posted rules code
  • Added ability to set desired hold amount
  • Added ability to resume schedule with a modal confirmation dialog

Future work

  • none at this point

Is anyone else having issues with this widget? When I try to change to a setting, it doesn’t do anything and my log file says "Referenced climate must be a existing and valid Function: setHold

Also, is anyone else having an issue with the main widget showing special characters?

In regards to the quick settings did you change any of the item names when you added them to your item file?
Do you have the ecobee action installed as well as the binding?