Ecobee unable to set desired temperature

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: openhabian
    • Java Runtime Environment: Raspberry Pi 3
    • openHAB version: Latest
  • Issue of the topic: I am using ecobee 4 and i was able to successfully bind it to my openHAB and I can control the HVAC Mode via the Basic UI and set it to AUTO, HEAT, COOL, or OFF. However, when I change the Heat Temperature in the Basic UI, the changes are not reflected at my thermostat. I see the logs and it states that changes are sent, but nothing happens at my thermostat. After a few minutes, the desired heat temperature sets back to whatever was manually set at the thermostat. I am hoping someone can help me debug this issue as I was not able to find any topic on this issue in the forum. Thank you.

    • Items configuration related to the issue
      DateTime lastModified “last mod [%1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#lastModified]" }

Number actualTemperature “actual temp [%.1f °F]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#runtime.actualTemperature]" }

Number actualHumidity “actual hum [%d %%]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#runtime.actualHumidity]" }

String hvacMode “hvac mode [%s]” { ecobee="=[511853501223#settings.hvacMode]" }

String currentClimateRef “sched comf [%s]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#program.currentClimateRef]" }

String desiredComf “desired comf” { ecobee="<[511853501223#runningEvent.holdClimateRef]", autoupdate=“false” }

Number desiredTemp “desired temp [%.1f °F]”

Number desiredHeat “desired heat [%.1f °F]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#runtime.desiredHeat]" }

Number desiredCool “desired cool [%.1f °F]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#runtime.desiredCool]" }

String desiredFan “desired fan mode [%s]” { ecobee="<[511853501223#runtime.desiredFanMode]" }

  • Sitemap configuration related to the issue
    Frame label=“Thermostat” {
    Text item=lastModified
    Text item=actualTemperature
    Text item=actualHumidity
    Switch item=hvacMode label=“HVAC Mode” mappings=[heat=Heat,cool=Cool,auto=Auto,off=Off]
    Text item=currentClimateRef
    Switch item=desiredComf mappings=[sleep=Sleep,wakeup=Wake,home=Home,away=Away,smart6=Gym,resume=Resume]
    Setpoint item=desiredTemp label=“Temp [%.1f °F]” minValue=50 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[hvacMode==heat,hvacMode==cool]
    Setpoint item=desiredHeat label=“Heat [%.1f °F]” minValue=50 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[hvacMode==heat]
    Setpoint item=desiredCool label=“Cool [%.1f °F]” minValue=50 maxValue=80 step=1 visibility=[hvacMode==cool]
    Switch item=desiredFan mappings=[on=On,auto=Auto] // for rule supported in 1.9

Please How to use code fences.

I don’t use this binding so can’t help with your specific problem, but code fences will make it easier for those who can.

Many of these items are read only. To make the actual change, you need to use the Ecobee Action. I haven’t tried to change the temperature specifically, but I changed the profile, and it works.