Ecobee4 and Ecobee SmartThermostat w/ voice control (i.e. Ecobee5)

Quick question:

I’m looking to pick up some Ecobee thermostats (now that Nest has discontinued its API). The documentation for the Ecobee binding lists Ecobee3 and other older devices, but does not list compatability with Ecobee4 or the newest thermostat, which I’ll call Ecobee5. Does that mean there is no compatibility, or just that the documentation hasn’t been updated? Anyone have experience with the newer Ecobee?

If anyone has suggestions on other thermostats or other recommendations, I will gladly take those as well.

Very curious to find this out too.

About to potentially buy the new v5 / smart Thermostat

I can confirm that the binding works with the Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control.

Have you been able to send commands through openhab to Ecobee or just receive? I get updated in habpanel on everything that happens on Ecobee, just not able to send commands.

I have not tried sending commands; I use it to give a quick overview of the muliple zones in our second home; I’m planning to set up low temp and “no updates from Ecobee” alerts at some point.

I should note, I set the api key in the items file and missed it in the rules file. This caused me to see status information but not be able to send commands. Just in case someone is having similar issues.

No commands can be sent topic