Ecolink DWZAVE2 door contact

I am unable to get this to work in openhab.

If i load up openzwave, I can see the sensor opening/closing fine

In open hab, my item stays Uninitialized.

It looks like the battery item comes over eventually

However the Contact Item never gets set.

I am using zwave and 26:Command=basic for my item binding string

Everything i read leads me to believe it is correct. I am lost please help

I’m using version 1.8.3 of zwave and openhab

I would suggest to put the binding into debug mode and grab a log file. The view the log with the online viewer to see what is being sent. It’s quite possible the device is sending a different command class than BASIC (eg SENSOR_BINARY).

Thanks Chris…as I’m reading this, I can get one of them to report motion now…thoughts on why the other one wouldn’t report it? Any tips to troubleshooting something like this?


Sorry wrong thread