Ecolink PIR v2.5 Z-Wave PIR Motion Sensor v2.5

I have this Ecolink PIR v2.5 Z-Wave PIR Motion Sensor and it reports the Binary_Sensor correctly. However, the battery level is never reported and shows up as NULL. Is it supported in Openhab?

Yes, battery level is supported if the device reports the command class. It is normally polled so isn’t updated ‘instantly’ like a sensor does - it will need the device to wake up for starters.

Give it some time and it should show up if the device wakes up.

Is it possible to force the device to wakeup?

With my No Logo Monoprice sensor, i could just open the door and the battery gets polled. That trick doesnt work with this sensor.

Yes - check the manual - it should tell you how (normally there’s a button to press).

If I remember correctly, polling occurs every hour for the battery, so if it’s woken up after that it should poll the battery…

Most devices won’t wake up when the sensor is activated. Wakeup happens on a fixed period only. Maybe your other device automatically sent the battery status when the door was activated - some devices will do that…