Ecolink z-wave plus pir motion detector

I have the ECOLINK Z-WAVE PLUS PIR MOTION DETECTOR, PET IMMUNE PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO motion sensor. I’m still in the process of getting all of my Z-Wave devices in to Openhab. Has anybody ever factory reset this device? I followed the instructions that state to follow the same directions for pairing, but I’ve had no luck. If you’ve had success, could you tell me the secret. I guess I need to call the manufacturer for the next step in this process.

Just a guess. I do not have that sensor.
Try a long (20 seconds?) press on the button. I know some devices reset that way.
The official instructions say to do what you have tried but it couldn’t hurt to experiment.

Did you try removing the battery for 5 sec?

Edit: Upon further reading I think removing the battery only applies to inclusion mode.

Here are the instructions from the manufacturer on the zwave alliance site:

Factory Reset:

To restore this sensor to factory default settings, follow the instructions for product exclusion which will reset the sensor upon completion of the process. Use this procedure only in the event that the network primary controller is missing or otherwise inoperable


Once the controller is in exclusion mode, simply remove the battery isolation tab, OR insert the battery, OR press the small button on the back of the Motion Detector.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I have a sensor that refuses to go into inclusion mode. I’d like to reset it.

Try factory resetting it as listed in the post above yours. If that does not work contact the vendor. Those are their published instructions.