Ecosmart Smart Bulb Zigbee

I found these at our local Home Depot this week. Anyone have any experience with them?

I haven’t tried the Zigbee version, but the Ecosmart bulbs with a SKU of 93690-56363 are the absolute best dimming LED bulbs I’ve found… and I’ve tested pretty much every bulb I could get my hands on, trying to find an LED that could dim low. This was very surprising, since they are also some of the least expensive bulbs available. Other SKUs from the same manufacturer did not work as well. These dim down to nothing. Hopefully these Zigbee bulbs dim as well as the others. I’ll pick some up next time I’m out. The single pack also includes a remote!

Thanks for the reply. I’ve bought six 2-packs and so far I am very pleased with them. They have been more reliable than some of the others I have in my system and I like the fact that the color temperature is adjustable.

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I’m a novice with Openhab, but I’ll share the configuration that works for me using the Ecosmart Zigbee bulb.

(ITEMS FILE)*********************************************
Dimmer Front_Yard_Light “Front Yard Light [%d %%]” (GP_outside_lights) {channel=“zigbee:device:17188f98291:b0ce1814031e1754:B0CE1814031E1754_1_dimmer”}
Color Front_Yard_Light_Color “Front Yard Light 1 Color” (GP_outside_lights) {channel=“zigbee:device:17188f98291:ccccccfffe8d857b:CCCCCCFFFE8D857B_1_colortemperature”}

(Sitemap File)**********************************************
Switch item=Front_Yard_Light label=“Front Yard Light”
Slider item=Front_Yard_Light icon=“slider” switchSupport minValue=0 maxValue=100
Selection item=Front_Yard_Light_Color label=“Front Yard Light Color” icon=“colorlight” mappings=[100=“Warm”, 50=“Medium”, 0=“Bright White”]

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