Ecotouch binding convert to OH2 and extend the bindings functionality

So far, the Ecotouch binding is not available in openhab 2.
Who would feel responsible for converting such a binding to openhab 2?

Is anyone already working on this or is interested in converting the binding to openhab 2?
I would contribute to this effort, if there are others interested in this.
I’m also interested in extending the binding to support more fields.

Im not sure if this is the right place to post, but I hope so.

Be aware that not listed is not the same as will not work. Through the OH 1 compatibility layer almost all of the 1.x bindings should work in OH 2.

Of course, the more bindings that make the leap from OH 1 to OH 2 the better, especially if you want to add more fields. Check the github repo issues to make sure someone isn’t already working it and if not code away.