Ecowatt binding

Here is a new binding using the Ecowatt API to expose clear signals to adopt the right gestures and to ensure a good supply of electricity for all in France.
You can find more information about Ecowatt on this site:
This binding has only interest for users living in France.

You can find a jar in the following PR:

The PR is now merged. The binding will be available in next snapshot tomorrow morning.

Thank you very much for this binding. I was starting to connect to the Ecowatt API myself thanks to some rules. No more needed ! I will have then to think about what electric devices I should shutdown when a red alert will be issued :wink:

For your information, the snapshot build failed this morning (due to jfrog) so the binding is not yet included in any snapshot.

I downloaded the zip file (I used the URL you mentioned in one of your post), renamed it as .jar and it worked perfectly with M2. I cannot take the risk to use the snapshot build since OpenHAB manages of lot of things in my home :slight_smile: Thank again for your work.

Hello @Lolodomo . Your ecowatt binding is great (especially in current time period) and digging a bit in Rte APIs, I saw that they offer some interesting datasources (e.g. Tempo schedule). I thought I could extend your work to take that in account but if I want to do it clean, I will have to introduce a breaking change, moving clientID and clientSecret from the ecowatt thing to a newly introduced bridge (let’s call it Application like Rte does), so we could expand the number of API used and stick to their model.
Your thoughts ?

Herllo Gael,

Are you sure that this other API will not require its own client id / client secret, different from the ecowatt API ?
In that case, a separate binding would be more appropriate.

Yes , it’s the same Id / secret couple.

Hello Gael, I am not sure, even if this is the connection to the same portal, we should have a unique binding for very different purposes. I would vote for a separate binding. Of course, you can copy the code you need from the ecowatt binding (authentication in particular).
Small bindings for precise purpose, I thing this is better.

Maybe explain what data you would like to add.

Tempo schedule.