Editing .rrd files from rrd4j

Normally I’d just rrdtool dump the file, remove the corrupt values and then restore. But rrd4j files aren’t real rrd files (By real I mean rrdtool).

Is there an easy way to remove corrupt (i.e. radiator temps > 700C) values from my RRD’s?


The rrd4j database can use several archives to implement data compresion (on the archives number 2+).
This compression is calculated while storing the minute wise data in the first archive. Any change of data on a later time will only affect the data point changed, I. E. only in the archive changed, other archives which are calculated from that that point will not be changed, hence will be in error.
Due to that such a change is not allowed.

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:confounded: I’ve never actually used rrd4j before. It’s very close to Toby’s original. But lack of ability to dump & edit bad values is a killer.

Maybe one of the databases options for persistence would be better for my needs…

java -cp rrd4j-2.1.1.jar org.rrd4j.inspector.RrdInspector

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