Eglo/Awox Connect.Z (or2) Controller

i found today a
Eglo/Awox Connect.Z (or2) Controller

can’t attache it to openHab as a (Switch or something like that)
Somebody knows this device?

have a nice day

Zigbee2MQTT would be possible, maybe even with the native openHAB Zigbee binding:

Thanks for your feedback
the link you gave it from 10.04.2024 so nice new.

That’s a general page update timestamp, not for that specific device :smile:
Good luck.

why do my deconz not see this device, it it zigbee writen on the box!?

deCONZ is not Zigbee2MQTT, you may have to check the deCONZ compatibility lists:

sorry if the question is dumb.
zigbee2mqtt will work over deconz, or do i need another zigbee gateway?

I don’t know that adapter, please take a look yourself:

RaspBee II
seems to be god - so will try to install it