EiMSIG door and window sensors support for OpenHab2?


does anybody know, whether or not those door and window sensors of EiMSIG are supported by openhab via the EnOcean binding?

I like the invisible installation and would like to use them at home.

Or are there other “invisible” sensors for doors and windows that you recommend? Ideally, without batteries, at least for the normal operation without glas broken detection mode.

Thanks in advance.

HI Stefan @bechte,

to answer this question I would need the EEP of these devices. The EM-FGSE-00 uses EEP A5-14-09 and A5-14-01 which are already implemented. The other EEP for “Glasbruch” detection are not implemented yet. However implementation is not a big problem if we can test it. Do already own them or do you just plan to buy them?
For the EM-FS868a-00 I could not find any EEP in the docs. So I cannot say if it supported or not.

Best regards

Hi Danial @fruggy83,

I currently plan how to realize my ideas, so I do not own any of the given devices yet. Still, I would be willed to help for testing. :slight_smile:

As the EM-FS868a-00 is already supported and I will use that one in most of my windows, I’d start with those and buy only a single EM-FGSE-00 with glas sensors for testing. I will let you know, when things have arrived for testing. :slight_smile:

Best, bechte.

Things have already arrived, but I wasnt able to test, as I had no time. I will test it in February this year. :slight_smile: @fruggy83 Would you still in be for testing support? :slight_smile:

Hi Stefan @bechte,

I will test it in February this year

Sounds good :+1: However I still have not implemented the EEP to detect “Glasbruch” like A5-14-03/0A). However detecting AUF/ZU or AUF/ZU/KIPP should work. Which one did you bought?

Best regards

Can you report any results on this project? Have you been able to implement this in openHab?

Unfortunately no. No time at all :frowning: havent even unboxed :frowning:

Thank you for the answer. I decided to go with „shelly door 2“ anyway. Because of the price :wink: and and seemless OH-integration.

Hi @fruggy83,
happy new year :slight_smile:
I bought a EM-FS868a-00 and I have trouble integrating it into Openhab (3.0)
Can you tell me, where I can find the enoceanID or how to get the sensor working?