EKEY binding with EKEY net

I know that EKEY home and multi are supported with the EKEY 1.10.0 binding.
EKEY net uses RARE protocol too. It doesn’t work. Is there any chance that it should/could and I’ve got something amiss? Has anyone had any luck?

I tried it and got

2017-04-26 16:39:07.666 [ERROR] [ing.ekey.internal.EKeyPacketReceiver] - Error parsing packet
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: It seems, that you passed an illegal packet!
at at.fhooe.mc.schlgtwt.parser.RarePacket.(RarePacket.java:56)[219:org.openhab.binding.ekey:]
at org.openhab.binding.ekey.internal.EKeyPacketReceiver.run(EKeyPacketReceiver.java:139)[219:org.openhab.binding.ekey:]
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)[:1.8.0_121]

Any info would be much appreciated.

Hi Tom,

strange - with me it’s just the opposite. I can only use RARE:

Which control unit do you use? I’m using “SE REG 4” (EKEY 101163 multi).

Hi Thomas,

My system is quite old and is using two CP WM3 units (with CV LAN add-ons) controlling four doors. I think the problem in my case my be more fundamental. Looking at the EKEY documentation, the RARE protocol is the same for all products (which makes sense), so it should work in principle. My admin is via EKEY.net in its current version.

I’m trying to look at the UDP datagrams to see if I can understand what’s going on.