Elder care with openHAB

Hello all!

I am migrating a SmartThings setup I did for my grandmother (86 years old) to openHAB and was just wondering if anyone else was using it in a similar way. Here is stuff I am using it for:

  • Notices when someone is at the front or back door
  • Motion lights outside after sunset
  • Motion light in interior hallway that gets no sun
  • Audible reminder to take medicine
  • Notification to family members if no motion in hallway (i.e. her leaving her bedroom) by 10 a.m.
  • “Night mode” that will sound alarm if front door or back door is opened between certain hours

Is anyone else given thought to helping an elderly relative?


Element 14 had a design contest about a year ago.
This won the peoples choice award. It even uses openHAB.


I use openHAB and the ecobee3 thermostat and 3 wireless occupancy/temperature sensors to make sure my senior mother is comfortable and has been noticed moving around within the last few hours, or else openHAB will send text messages to my sister and me. It sounds like you have done quite a bit more for your dear old grandmother!

I am looking for wearable / wristwatch-style devices (Z-Wave, Zigbee) that can track body temperature, skin resistance, acceleration, orientation. I found one from Cleode but think there should be more.