Electrical measurement: Blitzwolf BW-SHP13 smart plug channel and number meanings

I have some Blitzwolf smart plugs and want to measure the energy consumption of my devices. Let’s say the internet router. What does it consume in watts during runtime? How much kwH does it consume per week etc. I am aware of the fact that I might need to do some transformations to reach my goal. But my blocker right now is understanding the numbers and units I am facing right now which are shown to me by the different channels.

I am no electrician and have no clue about the relations of watts, ampere, whatsoever. Translating the channel names from english also does not help me a lot.

I checked the binding documentation but the channels are not listed there.


  • voltage (the current RMS voltage measurement): clear and understood. Hovers around 230.
  • on/off (switches the power on and off) is also a no brainer.
  • Metering summation delivered (the total delivered from the metering system): cummulates over time. Started with 14, increased by around 1 every 2 hours. What is it?
  • total active power (the total power consumed by the device): flat around 5. Sometimes drops to 0 and goes back to 5. What is it?
  • current (the current RMS current measurement): ranges between 42 and 50

As I said the numbers from above are from my internet router (Fritzbox 7632SL). I wonder that another device has a total active power of 0 all the time. The device is the network terminator from my ISP. It “translates” the fibreglass signals to LAN-TCP/IP