[electroluxair] New binding for Electrolux Pure A9 Air Purifier

I will start to create a binding for the Electrolux Pure A9 air purifier.

I have looked into this Homebridge implementation and also reversed engineered using the mitmproxy.

I currently have a Python PoC implementation running and the only issue is that you need to find your own client secret to be able to create a token, that can be done using mitmproxy. I will add instructions for how you do that in the README. The client secret will be a configuration item for the binding together with your registered username and password.

I will keep you updated of the work in this thread.

I have now a working implementation that doesn’t need your client secret, just your username and password used to login to the Electrolux Wellbeing app.

README and binding jar-file.

md5sum /tmp/org.openhab.binding.electroluxair-3.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar 
e939f2ffa05b9773f72854e7c09409a3  /tmp/org.openhab.binding.electroluxair-3.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar