Elelabs Zigbee Raspberry Pi shield coordinator not surviving power reboot

Dear community,

I have not succeeded in getting nor the Elelabs USB dongle or the shield ELR 023 to work in a stable manner with my Raspberry Pi 3. The problem seems to be that the coordinator setup does not survive a power reset reboot, it then displays a Error-communication . The reason (with the ELR 023 shield) seems to be, as per the log “Serial Error: Port [/dev/ttyAMA0] does not exist”

To isolate any other reasons, I have (for the ELR 023 shield), in the following sequence:

  • Done a fully clean reinstallation of OpenHAB 3.3.0 on my Raspberry Pi 3, with nothing else configured
  • Disabled the serial console
  • Moved the bluetooth to miniUART
  • Installed the OpenHAB Zigbee binding add-on
  • Created an Ember Coordinator Thing - all working well and going online
  • Rebooted the device through “sudo reboot” several times - the coordinator coming back online without problem
  • Rebooting the device by repowering the device - the coordinator reports a communication error
  • Subsequently rebooting the device through “sudo reboot” does NOT making the coordinator come back online anymore.

Worth to note is that /dev/ttyAMA0 does no longer show up as a serial port option when the error occurs, and OpenHAB has to be completely reinstalled to get it working again.

I have approached Elelabs customer support with several emails, but no answer, and they only have an outdated installation guide published. I would be most grateful for any support the community or @Elelabs can help me with.

The full chronological sequence of log data and full system spec can be found in the enclosed file.

Many thanks
Mats Rosenberg

Log clean install Elelabs.pdf (210.8 KB)

Have you tried to re-insert the stick ?
What does the dmesg command report when you re-insert the stick ?
According to CH341 driver bugged in recent Linux kernel versions · Issue #8663 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub there are uses which report that it would be a kernel problem.

Hi, I am not using zigbee2mqtt and I was not referring to a USB stick - but the Elelabs zigbee shield with the OpenHAB Zigbee binding. Running the dmesg command I note that there are occasional warning messages about undervoltage - could this possibly be the cause of the /dev/ttyAMA0 not operating properly? I have changed to a more powerful adapter but the undervoltage message still occurs from time to time.


ls  /dev/serial/by-id/

in the console
and put the output in your config.

replace yourDeviceID with your device output id from above. The zigbee2mqtt port config should look like this

  port: >-

Maybe udev is swapping ids, that usually happens sometimes when one plugs in an usb stick or usb harddrive. It’s better to use unique ids at all times. This might help or not still worth a try. Could also be related to the firmware on your device or even a hardware defect.

sorry i just read your answer lol. ignore my post