Elelabs Zigbee Shield errors and wrong baud rate

I have installed the Elelabs Zigbee Shield into a Raspberry Pi 3, followed all the instruction on their website and am running into a problem getting the device online. I am using a fresh install of the latest stable release of openhab with all improvements applied and permissions updated.

I have updated the firmware on the device, following their instructions and can query the device on the command line so I am fairly certain the device is working.

I have discovered that the baud rate in the documentation is wrong or out of date - in order to interact with it I need it set to 115200 and not the 57600 in the documentation.

After adding the thing the log shows an couple of errors, an EZSP_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY (half way down the log and an error creating a EZSP frame. I noticed that the final response the PI receives from the shield is different to the one sent but have no idea why or how to fix it.

I do not personally use Zigbee but perhaps the log viewer can help.

Thanks for the link to the log viewer. I imagine that this will be very helpful once I have the Shield up and running for diagnosing any issues on the ZigBee network. At the moment though I can’t get the actual device to interact with the binding successfully. If I’ve missed something in using the log viewer please do let me know!

I guess there are now different versions of the ELELabs firmware that use different settings…

This in itself isn’t an issue, although I have reached out a few times to @Elelabs to offer to create improved firmware, but I don’t think he’s active here now.

I think this error is a problem Silabs have with recent firmware. Last time I discussed it with them they weren’t sure what caused it. It was briefly discussed here in the ticket below, but I’ve not followed up on this with the FAE as they typically do not provide information on their plans.

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Thank you for your reply and the link to the ticket. It was very interesting.

Would I be correct in thinking that until the code in the firmware is fixed that the device will not work? If this is the case do you think it might be worthwhile removing it as one of the compatible devices in the OpenHab documentation? I only have access to version 6.0.3-64 of the firmware unless you are aware of somewhere other than GitHub for a working version.

I guess it depends on what firmware is used. Certainly quite a few people are using this device, so it is compatible in general.