Elgato Streamdeck


USB Keyboard with programmable small Displays behind every key.

Anyone using this with OH?


Funny, I was just going to post the same thing…

I would love to deploy a few of these around the house and tie buttons to items or actions.

Love the fact that you can create your own button art.

Squid :squid:

I just learned of this today, came here to post this, searched first and found this thread. :wink:

Of course, being exclusively a GNU/Linux user, the first thing I did was to search if it is supported. I was happy to find that it is! Clearly there has been interest in this device on Linux for a long time, as working my investigation backward from the final UI announcement, I eventually discovered that the reverse engineering effort began with someone just publishing some notes, later another person took that and ran with it to create a Python library, which was in turn used by someone else to make a Qt based GUI for the Stream Deck. Neat!

And this is why I love Free Software! Look at how creativity and options can flourish when silly short sighted (sometimes greedy) arbitrary barriers are removed! This is the only way that we can Have Nice Things™! :wink:

Based on my short research, it seems that this thing originally came from the worlds of gaming and “content creators.” Personally, I spend most of my time nowadays working on (mostly HA) projects, but every once and a while I take a break and check in on Star Citizen development. And that’s how I came across this thing. Apparently online streamers also use it as a control panel to change cameras, post macros to chat, etc. But the first thing I thought of was using it as an user interface for home automation!

I think the combination of physical and customizeable buttons could make an interface with very high Wife / normal user / family / grandma Acceptance Factor.

The following video is for a space video game (Star Citizen) where it is used as a secondary cockpit type control, but what I wanted to show (and what immediately grabbed my attention) were the ability to not only nest commands but also create custom icons, which would make this thing very useful as an interface to almost anything, really (zoom full screen to really get a good look at what is going on):

I guess they have been bought by Corsair now, and there is a new 32 button (!) model in addition to the original 6 and 15. A quick look on a popular online retailer that I do not wish to name in US shows they are currently going for $199.99, $96.64, and $99.99, respectively. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere in my investigation that they do go on sale from time to time apparently.

I am not really sure what 72 x 72 pixel 1"(?) displays go for, but by the time you buy 6, 15, or 32 (!) of them, and the other electronics required, and implement everything, I think you might be approaching the asking price anyway, to say nothing of your time, which none of us have enough of. And then you still would likely not have as nice of finished product…

Thinking further, you could probably turn off all buttons except one “wake” button, or dim all the buttons programatically after some time, then set brightness depending on time of day, press the “wake” button and get the full interface… Or pretty much whatever you want. So many options I think… My wheels are turning!.. :smiley:

Hi, I am a developer currently working on a set of plugins for the stream deck. One will be a controller for openHAB because I use openHAB for my home. So I hope you guys are still interested. It will be available at the end of the week on the stream deck store for free. I’ll post the link and name as soon as the plugin is finished.


I got the fist version finished and it should be available on the official store soon but you can already download it from GitHub.


Simply open the link, open release and download

If you have Stream Deck this will install it automatically.

Use the readme for instructions

If there are any questions let me know.


McControl is now officially available on the stream deck store!


Congrats Mitch this is outstanding, I’m going to try it today !

Thanks a lot for that plugin. I’ve been using it now for a while (for a very basic thing: turning a light on and off) and it worked fine (though it doesn’t seem to get updates when the light is switched off in another way) but now it suddenly stopped working.

As I checked the configuration of my button, I noticed that it had gone back to the default API link (I think it was http://openhab:8080/rest/item/) and the item name was blank. How is it possible that the plugin suddenly “forgets” the configuration? Is there som updating going on where the user values get overwritten by the default values?

the PlugIn will not overwrite any configuration by itself. The default values are only getting applied when the current object storage is empty. Seems like it just lost the configuration but I cant tell you why. Did you lost it just on one button ? And is it now working as aspekted after you reconfiguret it ?

What’s the object storage? And when/how does it get emptied?

I don’t have a lot of buttons configured yet (maybe 20 or so) but of these none stopped working, only this one.

So far yes. I’ll get back if it happens again. Is there any specific information I should safe/check when it stops?

There is now the Stramdeck+ with rotary knobs and a touch field, so even more possibilities.
@MitchMcKean Will you continue to develop McControl for further support?

Hi @MitchMcKean,
Are you still actively developing on this plugin?
I have a Stream Deck Plus (with the dials) and want to use that with openHAB.

The dials gives you also the option for dimming or shutter position control.

I started to play around with creating an own plugin, but if you already have started to expand your current one that would be double.

If you stopped developing I’m willing to take over (or start over since the plugin architecture has been completely changed).

It would be cool if this could become an “official” Stream deck OpenHAB plugin, like there already is for HomeAssistant.