Elite screen projection screen and RFXCOM

Maybe this is not the right forum to ask for this, but I’m using openhab and then you first think of the fellow openhab users to ask questions (Of course I Googled a lot.)

I have a motorizedelite screen (sk110xhw-e12)” projection screen
This has an IR and RF remote (model: ZSP-RF-W)
IR works through my logitech harmony but must always be in Line-of-sight

So I like to use RF and preferably via openhab

Elite screens
REmote: RF

Picture of RF Remote

I’ve read somewhere that the remote control uses 433hz fequence

I have a RFXCOM (rfxtrx433e), which I am currently using for my Somfy shutter.

With the RFXmngr tool (Windows), I try to see if I can find any RF information
Without success.

Does anyone have experience (Elite screens RF control / Unknown devices and RFXCOM)?

Hi Any tips???