Eltako FMS61 ChannelB with VirtualRockerswitchB


I just can’t manage to control the second channel B of my FMS61. Channel A works perfectly. For channel B I created a virtual RockerswitchB, it does not work with Type Switch nor with Type String as suggested. What kind of string do I have to send to switch on and off?


maybe you can explain what you already did?
Have you read the manual about teach in?

You need to teach in the second switch into to actors second channel.

Thanks for the reply. I am migrating my system from FHEM to openHAB. The actuator FMS61NP-230V has two channels A and B, both are already learned in and work perfectly with FHEM via a virtual rocker switch with the two channels A and B.

For channel A it works correctly with openHAB, while channel B does not respond.

I’m somewhat confused that Channel B is only displayed under "Show advanced " in the openHAB enocean Classic Device and furthermore it is defined as a string by default, in comparison to Channel A which is a switch by default. Do I understand something wrong here?

Looks like a bug to me. Or it is not correctly programmed.
Maybe this problem is still not fixed?
Pls see here:

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