Eltako FT55 Rocker Switch


I am running Raspbian with latest openHAB2- running fine so far.

I am trying to add an Eltako FT55 (-WG) switch (note: the -WG just codes the colour, no functionality so all FT55 switches should behave in the same way).

My FT55 has double switchs so it should be able to represent four pushes (ChannelA: 0/I and ChannelB: 0/I).

When discovering the switch through PaperUI I am only getting a single channel as pushButton:
This guy now reacts on all two channels and I can not make use of the second channel.

I tried to configure the thing through enocean binding configuration files “.things” but do not have a clue what to add as deviceID or other stuff.

Anyone having an idea how to properly add this switch to my openHAB?

Thanks a lot!