ELTAKO RS485 (Wired) possible?

there are a few nice RS485 Aktors from ELTAKO available. Is there a way to address them?
Which Hardware(Interface) would be used?
Which Binding?

Hi @Windrad,

should be possible. I have a little test setup without radio here but have not managed to connect it to openHAB jet (FTS14KS+FTS14EM+FSR14-4x).
I was under the wrong impression I could use the FTS14KS for the connection but I still need a FGW14(-USB).

Have a look here how the fhem people are doing: https://forum.fhem.de/index.php/topic,22635.msg160582.html#msg160582

I got myself an FGW14-USB and hooked it up to OpenHAB.
The connection to the EnOcean binding seems to work.

2017-09-09 09:02:57.385 [INFO ] [.enocean.internal.bus.EnoceanBinding] - Connecting to Enocean [serialPort='/dev/ttyUSB0' ].

But I have not managed to add a thing jet.
Most EnOcean devices should have their IDs printed on them, with eltako this is not the case.

Any news on this ?

nope! The next lamps will be LEDs. I bought some Drivers (Meanwell) which can be controlled by DALI.
I case somebody write how to handle the ELTAKOs, I may come back to this.

I use a FAM14 to bride Enocean between wired and wireless (as I wanted to control some FSR14-x also via a wireless switch).
Connection to Openhab is currently done only wireless via Homegear.
With the new native Enocean in OH 2.4, I will migrate some day as I use Homegear currently only for Enocean devices.

All works as it should, and it is fully transparent if a device is controlled via RS485 or wireless.