Email certificate error. - openhab community email daily update email

Have been getting error messages about the certificate for emails sent by Open hab being out of date.

The certificate issued to has a valid date range of 30/7/21 to 28/10/21.

It’s an anoiance not a realy problem but may show that other certificates couldbe getting close or out of date.

Peter G

I am not really sure about what certificate you refer to - for sending emails, I am not aware of any certificate.
On we use let’s encrypt and the certificate looks alright to me:

Checking the certificates in use by going to it shows that there seem to be to certificates in use for One of them is expired on 28. Oct. 2021.
Not sure if they keep the results in that case here is the shortcut to the results
SSL Server Test: (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)
otherwise you need to rerun the analysis.

The message occcurs when i open a summary email, it is casued by the expired certificate, and from my own trying to set up a linux email server is to do with the DKIM record on dns hope that helps you to fix it.

@digitaldan : is this something for you ?
at least it looks to be the same as in 2020: Certificate expired - #4 by Wolfgang_S

here’s the error as displayed by Kaspersky and Outlook, with the certificat info.

We are looking at this, there seems to be an issue with the auto renew logic.

Ok, looks like we had an IPv6 issue and lets encrypt could not route to our forums to verify our renewal. I have temporarily removed IPV6 addresses from our DNS, and was able to renew our cert:

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