Emotiva AV processor Binding

Binding for Emotiva Audio Corporation AV processors based on the Emotiva Network Remote Control protocol.

Binding has only been tested with an XMC-2, so need feedback from people with other devices.

Has support for all notification types in version 2.0 and 3.0 of the protocol, and adds support for most control commands. So basic usage should be working, but the following functionality is not done or tested:

  • Zone 2 (Not tested, probably missing source)


31 March 2024

  • Added Menu control and display support. Can now control the menu via the Buttongrid element.
  • Added automatic connect, disconnect on missing keepAlive and reconnect if device is available again.
  • Lots of fixes here and there

12 March 2024

  • Added Radio Tuner functionality
  • Added i18n labels for EN and NO
  • Added missing trim support for Height and Width speakers
  • Started on Menu updates
  • Lots of small fixes

07 March 2024

  • initial release


Emotiva Lounge Thread


Source Code PR #16499


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