Enabling Channel with custom configuration

I am writting binding for two different sun Inverters. They has modbus interface, but its register layout isnot compatible with any standard. Generally they has the same data available.
I would like to use the same binding with additional configuration for channels with specification of modbus input register as configuration item.
I have created clone in my repository: https://github.com/Wawszczak/openhab-addons/tree/2.5.x
Finally, I managed to run my code and to get thing type description in Paper UI.
I am referencing the 2.5 version, but I have developed 3.0 version as well.

The only thing left is channel configuration.

I have created element and I have referenced it inside element this way:
<channel-type id="ac-phase-current-type"> <item-type>Number:ElectricCurrent</item-type> <label>AC Phase Current Value</label> <state readOnly="true" pattern="%.1f %unit%"/> <config-description-ref uri="channel-type:solaxx3mic:channel-config"/> </channel-type>
There is no edit sign, on the right of channel binding. I haven’t found any clue how to enter this in things files. I have declared my thing in following way:

Bridge modbus:tcp:Solax-X3-Mic-TCP "Solax X3 Mic TCP Connection" @ "Kanciapa"[ host="10.xxx.xxx.xxx", port=502, id=1, enableDiscovery=false ] Thing modbus:inverter-solax-x3-mic:Solax-X3-Mic "Solax X3 Mic Inverter" (modbus:tcp:Solax-X3-Mic-TCP) @ "Somewhere" [ refresh=5, inputAddress=1024, inputBlockLength=53, maxTries=3, holdingAddress=769, holdingBlockLength=59 ]

Any help really apreciated.


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