Endless Reboot on 2.4 / Rasperian

2.4 stable image on Raspi B+ via Etcher.

Dear all,
short noob question:
I seems that any time I do a reboot (either due to hard reset/power down) or sudo reboot) on openhabian 2.4 (Rasbi B+) the complete installation routine is running. Means a reboot takes min 45-60 minutes.
Just wanted to check if this is considered “normal”?

At first glance and thought, no this behavior is not “normal”.
I assume you are referring to the openhabian install process.

Did you ever update your openhabian?
Can you provide logs of said boot?

Will check for the logs later tonight.
Basically it’s about the initial installation of openhabian 2.4. I flashed it to the SD-card via etcher and started RP with it, yes. It runs for about an hour+ and UI is available. Normal SSH access does work as well.

You need to stop openhab before rebooting.

sudo systemctl stop openhab2

Then do whatever you need and either restart or reboot.

Did you flash Raspbian or openHABian? They are 2 different OS images. It is also possible to install openHABian on Raspbian.

I know there was an issue with the stable repo for a while last night. It has now been corrected.

Which model?

Hi Bruce,
I did flash Openhabian 2.4


Pi 3 Model B+

Ok, thanks, 30-40 minutes start can be normal on a Pi1 or even 2 depending on how much you have going on
But it seems a bit long for a PI3
Which options of openHABian did you activate?

Thanks for the hint. Just for my understanding: I’m aware that systemctl in systemd context stops the (openhabian) services and that this is recommended for a restart. Nevertheless this would also mean that any drop in current (from pulling the wall plug to low power bank) would result in a re-installation routine?


It shouldn’t.

I have killed power to my OH on accident and everything came back up after powering back on.

You were very fortunate.
Many times there is filesystem corruption on the SD Card. Linux and any UNIX-like operating system does not tolerate power interruptions well. That is why people use UPSs that can cleanly shut down the system if there is a power outage and battery power runs low.

By the way, 2.5 stable has now been released.

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I am on SSD not SD card,:grinning: but I do realize that either way it’s never good to kill power without a clean shutdown.

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@Bruce_Osborne I forgot to ask about 2.5 stable. Is everything working correctly for upgrade from 2.5M5 to 2.5 stable? In openhabian if I chose upgrade to latest stable version (option to upgrade near the top, don’t remember the number) is that all that’s needed? Thanks

I upgraded my openHABian test system but I chose a different menu item.
I chose Manual/Fresh Setup then selected Stable and then Execute, if I recall correctly.

Should it make a difference if you do not choose Manual/Fresh Setup but instead pick option 3 openhab stable (install and update to the latest OH stable version)?