Endpoint usage

openHAB 3.4.2

So - I’m going to (As a test) setup up some items and expose to Alexa. I just want to make sure I’m on the right track.

Three Sonoff Zigbee switches. - installed and configured in openHAB and working properly.
Plant Stand
Peace Lilly
Variegated Peace Lilly

In order to expose individuals and group to Alexa, I’m assuming it would look like this?

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) LightGroup “Plant Lights” {alexa=“Light”}
Switch Light1 “Plant Stand” (LightGroup) {alexa=“Light”}
Switch Light2 “Peace Lilly” (LightGroup) {alexa=“Light”}
Switch Light3 “Variegated Peace Lilly” (LightGroup) {alexa=“Light”}

Not sure what the OR(ON,OFF) is? (not sure what the OR part is)
And apparently, Alexa would treat this as “turning on and off a light” due to “Light”
Light1, 2, and 3 would be whatever I named the… thing? Equipment? in OH.

Telling Alexa to “Turn on Plant Lights” would turn them all on. And Alexa “Turn off Peace Lilly” would just turn off the Peace Lilly?


I don’t use the Alexa binding, so I can’t speak to that directly, but assuming that it follows the standard OH operation then yes.

This is defining your group to have an aggregation function, which allows the group to have a state that is calculated from the state of its member items.

Your aggregation function is a simple OR function and you are defining the group state to be ON if the function is true and OFF if the function is false.

Again assuming the binding is working correctly, then this directive should cause the binding to send an ON command to the group item. Groups are special and when they receive a command, they re-distribute that command to all the member items in the group. If that command is one the member item accepts then the member item will change (or not) accordingly.

This would send the OFF command directly to the peace lilly light. Assuming the item is already ON it will change to OFF. This may or may not change the state of the group item (it depends on the states of the other items as well), but it will not trigger any command on the Group and so nothing will get re-distributed to the other items.

Got my “switch set” set up. Tomorrow evening will be the test of setting up cloud and exposing items to Alexa.