Energenie pairing

I have the openhab 2.3.0-1 installed on pi with the energenie 314 HAT.
I am new to raspberry pi and openhab.
I have looked on the openhab script but can’t seem to find the start of the pairing process for the sockets?
how do I get the sockets/TRV to have an IP address?
I also have radiator TRV that will need pairing what is the id’s for the thermostats?

I know nothing about this binding but your questions indicate you need to learn a bit more about how OH works. You would be well served to review the Beginner’s Tutorial and Concepts section of the User’s Guide.

OH talks to various technologies like Energenie through add-ons called bindings.Each binding has it’s own way to configure it and use it.

Each binding has it’s own README that describes how to use it. You can find the Energenie’s README here. This has the instructions for how to configure the binding, and since this a 1.x version binding, how to create your Items to interact with the device.

I think the documented bindings are intended for a LAN enabled power strip link this one.

What you have is a PiMote HAT and possibly some individual power switches like this and possibly a separate remote control.

The difference is that the former will have it’s own IP address so can be configured within OpenHAB but the latter can only be accessed on a Raspberry Pi through software (there are examples on the Energie site).

I found the PiMote signal too weak to reach most of the sockets I have in the lounge, there is a newer version of it which has a stronger signal.

This is a great question though, as I’m probably further up the learning curve than you are having only just installed OpenHABIAN on my Pi over the weekend. I also have a PiMote, plus four first generation sockets and a remote control. I think the way to access these sockets via OpenHAB would be via the Energenie hub.

I may well be wrong though.