Energy monitor => calculating day consumption

I am using OH 3.2


Since yesterday I have a DSRM reader and store the values via MQTT in OH. I do get several data feeds from the DSRM reader, like actual power usage and power usage per hour.

I have some question:
A) What is the best strategy to aggregate hourly data to day consumption?
B) Do you have other tips and tricks to build an energy dashboard?

  • I have actual power usages
  • Consumption power last hour
  • Consumption gas last hour
  • Power Feed-in
    C) Because I get the data via MQTT i can’t use the DSRM / or other enegry binding, am i right?

I have searched on the forum, there are (older) examples but I am searching for the ‘best’ strategy to aggregate and process data given the fact that i am using OH3. Really appreciate your help!

Use persistence to store the values. When the Item linked to the MQTT Channel changes, trigger a rule and update your aggregate Item with the sumSince value since midnight. Persistence | openHAB

Look in the marketplace for UI Widgets and rule templates.


I use influxdb so I can run a query to calculate the hourly integral to get kWh from kW.

Thanks for your replies. Based on your input I switched to InfluxDB and Grafana, realy strong stetup with Openhab wrt the energy dashboard. A quick print screen (work in progress)