Energy monitoring. Anyone up to a challenge?

I’ve just bought an Onzo energy monitor from eBay for £6.50. They were used by UK energy companies to help consumers keep track of consumption. It has a current sensor which transmits a 433MHZ signal to a display. The display has a USB connection and using Onzo Dumper date (from I can download a log of instantaneous current readings but not the total used. Another guy, Bruce33 ( has produced a Linux version.
It also has a reactive load dump too. The device displays the consumption and you can also enter your estimated annual consumption and it will warn you if you likely to exceed it - so the information is there somewhere. both en4rab and Bruce33 have provided the source code. A binding for this would be great. If anyone wants to have a go I’m willing to donate an Onzo to them.
This is a fantastic piece of kit for its price and, integrated into openHAB, would be awesome.