Energy Usage Monitoring - Options in NA?

If you search for “Energy Monitor” you will see a bunch of options. The most sophisticated one is the Brultech GreenEye. It has per circuit monitor but it requires an eletrician to install.

It also does not look to be UL or CSA certified, so it would also be illegal in US & Canada.

That depends on your comfort level. The short version is: take off panel cover, open the clamps, put them around the wires, put it back together. It’s quite simple but some people aren’t comfortable doing this sort of thing.

Indeed. No GB certs that I can find either. Even if there was a UL or a CE mark, not sure I would trust that it’s not just printed.

Scratching around on ali-express there are so many of these things all of a sudden but different brands. Fakes would be easy :frowning:

From within the Kasa App, I haven’t been able to do much with stored data from Energy Monitoring on the HS110. Now, if openHAB has the ability to retrieve all such information from HS110, then that’s way more interesting.

You can get local access with the Rainforest Eagle. There’s a binding for it. It works; I’m using it. Not going to the cloud - in fact I disabled the Eagle’s access to the Internet from my router so it is completely local. You can get data from the cloud if you choose, but you don’t have to.

I’m not saying this is the best solution, but it does work for whole house monitoring. That’s how I get these power and energy charts.

It does depend on your energy company allowing smart meter access.

No, it does not get it from within the 110.
The 110 has a binding in OH which, every time the value changes, updates an item in OH.
OH has persistence which you set up and store that value to mysql
You then use grafana to read that data and display it as a graph.

Zoomed in

(It’s a dull day here, PV not doing much at all. :frowning:

What I am trying to get to (maybe someone here can help :D) is this type of chart:

You can see what each part is made up of.
Total overkill but then I did not need automated blinds either… :slight_smile:

Thank you all gentlemen, you have given me very valuable information. Been a bit busy lately, will follow up on your advice (and read a bit more). All the best for the holidays.

I’ve got this working :grin: but struggling to get it into a widget :frowning:

can i see your setup ,how you did (items,sitemap) and so on ?
im not a coder so i have a hard time setting things up my self, i have the Aeotec installed and i can see alle the numbers ,but i wood like to see have you did if its allright please

ps: i am condesitring to buy on more to my solar system ,but do
you have an idea how to show some calculations on how mutch
power you are pooling from the net or putting on the net ?

I haven’t spent a lot of time doing any calculations/rules for this. at the moment i’m just doing simple stuff like displaying total KWH pulled from the grid, total solar KWH produced and the different between the two

it’s something i’ve been meaning to do, i just haven’t gotten there yet

do you show your conf. files somewere ? github or somewhere ,so that i can see how your config files are made ?

I`m not a coder so i wood like others that are too show their conf. please !
I have the Aeotech Home Energy Meter but i need to do some calculations (grid - solar ) and cost , can you help by showing how

There is nothing to show beyond the Rule I’ve already posted above. The device is zwave and was automatically discovered. The database and charting is using default configs that come from InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing

I want to get the 24 hour average in grafana. Please can you share the query for that.

What have you tried?

We help you better configure and understand your system. We are not a HelpDesk providing complete solutions.

Relax. It is just a query. I am not asking for the whole json file.

It wasnt obvious to me what aggregation or groupby i should be using to get 24 hour average.

If it is not important enough to you go show some effort it is not worth our limited volunteer time to help.

Feel free to claim your refund for OpenHAB if desired.

You dont represent the whole openhab project.

You are the first person who made it into my ignore list. Congratulations.

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Hi anyone tried sheely EM3

it looks cool with MQTT built in, what can you ask more?
really i am asking anything i am missing here? i am planing to buy to my new home…