Energy Visualisation in OH4


what do you think is the best way to do energy visualisation in Openhab.
At the moment I’m using the internal charts/graphs, but in my opinion this is not the best way, because it has some constraints.

  • Using JBDC/MySQL always takes about 5s-10s until the graphs show up on a Raspberry 3B for the first time. It was always like this even with less data.
  • You need to create a lot of charts/graphs manually and put them probably best on a tabbed page.
  • No visualisation over several years, see Add chart time range greater one year · Issue #1905 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub
  • Overall it is difficult to set up charts/graphs/data acquisition

The easiest would be if you only need to give the smart meter readings to a energy visualisation page, where you automatically have charts available and also a drop-down menu to select the required graph (current, day, week, month, decade, …).
Does anybody know if there are improvements planned in OH4?

I’m currently looking for other approaches. What seems to work well is to use Volkszaehler and just put it into an iframe. Therefore I’m thinking to switch to Volkszaehler.
What is your opinion?